Floor Consistency

Minimize floors that look great and then look dirty by utilizing DNA pads for cleaning. Billions of microscopic diamonds in our pads continually polish the floor so your floors look better all the time.

Diamonds Throughout The Pad

Our DNA pads have diamonds throughout the entire pad unlike most pads that just have diamonds sprayed on the surface of one side. Our pads last longer and are much more cost effective than other pads.

Less Chemical Usage

Cleaning your floors with diamonds requires less chemicals. In fact many find that they can just clean with water and our pads.

Polish Your Floor

You can rehab a worn floor or polish an existing floor with our pads. Our Satellite pads offer a smooth cutting action that can be started as low as 30 grit. Concrete, terrazzo and other hard surfaces can be greatly enhanced with our Satellite pads and a low speed buffer or auto scrubber.


Stripping wax can be time consuming and require a lot of stripper. Our 30 grit Satellite has the ability to strip many waxes without using a stripper